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Monday, November 14, 2011

From Flyover Country to the Lone Star

So. Two things happened at Oshkosh that kept me from seeing it through to its full potential: 1)the cell network coverage and/or free wi-fi supposedly present were completely inadequate, making going to the show like stepping back in time to 1995 or so. I had no way to connect with any of my peeps on Twitter, post anything to Facebook, or send or receive email, which makes it pretty tough to execute a social media promotion plan. 2) midweek, we got a call from a person who ended up buying our boat and another person who ended up not renting our house. But we did get it rented to another guy shortly thereafter so, with less than three weeks' notice, our long-awaited move to Texas was on.

Needless to say, it was a tall order, but we Carrikers are the M*A*S*H units of American families. We can pack, move, and unpack a four-bedroom house in a week - and we've proven it more often than most people move at all. That history in itself was the reason we were so willing to make such a rushed transition to a new life. See, I vividly remember showing up at several schools not only as the new kid, but several days or weeks into the school year, no less. I'd liken that experience to getting thrown onto a Broadway stage with no idea whatsoever what play you're supposed to be acting out, let alone having any lines memorized. Oh, and you're completely naked. And the audience - yeah, they're sociopaths on a furlough tonight. Sorry about that, but hey, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Mmhmm. No way was I ever going to do that to one of my kids.

My son was going to be attending a new school in his old district anyway, so the time to move him was this summer, but the housing market, which of course now resembles a fire sale at the general store in a ghost town, wouldn't cooperate. We also had a boat in a slip on a nearby lake, and no trailer or intentions to move it, so without a buyer for one and/or a renter for the other, we were stuck. Lovely of both of them to show up finally, but the timing couldn't have been worse.

So here we are in Texas four months later, and of all the things we miss our minds the most, but the chaos level is almost back to the previous low roar, so it's time to resume trying to get A Silver Ring out into the world. It's available everywhere you buy books now, in both print and pixels. I hope you'll take a look at the samples available at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and lots of other online sources, particularly my own site,, where you can read the first half for free, order a signed copy if you like it, and find lots of other supplemental information about the book.

I'm also planning some updates, giveaways, and to resume posting all regular-like. So drop on by on your way out or back, and I'll sure try to have something good on the fire each and every time, (I just love saying this) y'all.

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