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Monday, May 2, 2011

While bin Laden was Hiding

It took us nine years, and change, but bin Laden's finally in his place. Few people, even those closest to me, seemed to understand how deeply 9/11 cut. As a lifelong flyer who still lovingly, reverently, though sometimes secretly pats an airplane after a flight, the idea of someone using airliners as weapons to kill innocents was beyond abhorrent to me.

It was blasphemy.

But one person - one of the last you'd ever expect to - somehow "got it," and she sent me a balloon bouquet anchored by this simple coffee cup as proof. It said all anyone could say to help me right then: she understood. Now, are you ready for this? It came from my

Since then, I've had my morning coffee in it hundreds of times, and not once has the memory of that first time failed to surface, followed shortly by a silent prayer that someday we'd get the filthy rats that did it. Today, I'm retiring it.

Like SEAL Team 6, it did its job.

Back then, Mom's doctors had given her less than five years to live, courtesy of acute pulmonary hypertension caused by the diet drug Phen-Phen. Well, Osama's dead, but Mom's still alive, and doing pretty well, all considered. Apparently, she and I both love her daughter and proving doctors wrong.
The core of my fan base...
It's fitting that she outlast this, one of the simplest, most thoughtful, and meaningful gifts I've ever received. She heard the pain in the words I still haven't found to describe 9/11/01.

Now that's what I call some seriously selective hearing. Happy Mothers' Day Kathy Kolke - and thanks again.

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