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Monday, March 28, 2011

My first bloghop...hope I don't trip!

Multi-tasking. I used to think I did it well. I can re-tie my tie, scarf down a crew meal, figure a top-of-descent point, make an arrival announcement, and prioritize my first five trip trades of the month at four-hundred knots in the five minutes of level flight between Dallas and Austin, but with my novel's self-imposed release date of July 26 rattling in the distance, I have to steel myself to not be deer-in-the-headlights about everything left to do beforehand. Blogging effectively about my writing is one such thing. So I'm participating in Cali Cheer Mom's blog hop--and hoping to God I don't commit the cyber-equivalent of walking in with t.p. stuck to one of my left feet.

Yes, folks, I am a pilot. But I'm also a son, brother, uncle, husband, and father to a family of non-pilots, and a plane crash and spinal-cord injury survivor. I'm also a nephew of a man they say I've never met, who was killed in the skies over France sixty-seven years ago this week. A Silver Ring was inspired by his short life's deep affect on mine.

I'm posting a chapter per month, roughly the first half of the book, from January until July at Copies go on sale on the day my son's story, and thus my own, began--July 26th.

So please don't think my blog, or my book, is about becoming, or even being, a pilot--or anything else. They're about having always been what we're meant to be, and why. Thanks for reading and supporting new authors!


  1. Hey Nathan - welcome to your first blog hop! A pilot? That's awesome! You don't find many of those, especially ones who write!

    Popping over from the Monday Blog Hop, would love it if you stopped by mine today as I'm interviewing new indie author S.L.Pierce.

    Happy Monday!

    Jemima x

  2. Nate, great to have you join us for the hop. My brother-in-law is a pilot and I've gotten to ride in the cockpit with him--very fun! Good luck with your novel.

  3. Thanks all for commenting. I'm flying most of the day today, but promise to check out my fellow bloggers tonight and tomorrow!


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