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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out of the hard drive & into the Skydrive!

Back when I first began learning about the need for a writer to have a “platform,” I went with Yahoo’s SiteBuilder and hosting services, and those Yahoos really made it fairly easy to put together a pretty decent website for my writing. But as I learned more, I realized I was putting my stuff at least one critical click away from many readers, and switched to Google.

I’d posted quite a bit of material to the Yahoo-hosted site and figured one day I’d haul it all over to the bLogbook. Today was supposed to be “the” day, but I realized just how much work Yahoo’s SiteBuilder software had saved me when I wanted to post a piece of work with a picture and have at least a link to it remain a permanent part of my main page, and not just another life-limited blog post.

After an embarrassing length of time spent trying various dead-ends, I've finally found what I need, and holy cow do I love the name: Skydrive, by Microsoft. It's basically an on-line file cabinet for files created with Word, which is the program in which nearly every writer works, and with it I have total access control. I can keep my files private (but what fun is that?), post links to them, or leave them completely open to the public.

Starting today, I’ll be posting my older work, all under the heading Skydrive at the top right of my home page. Most of it’s at least a year old, and some of you may have already read some of it, but this is the best way I can figure to get all my work cataloged the way I need it to be.

As always, your readership and comments are most appreciated!

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