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Friday, June 18, 2010

One in a Million

A tweet prompted me to toss my hat in the ring at Book of Odds' corporate blog's "One in a Million" contest page, and now, with profound gratitude, I'm thrilled to announce that my story of surviving a plane crash and recovering from a spinal cord injury was chosen as the winner. "The prize," you ask? A $50 iTunes gift card. But wait...there's more.

Ten years of bachelorhood set me up with a music collection of which I'm already quite proud. Rather than finally capturing and preserving for my progeny fifty more songs that beg for a volume knob that "goes to eleven," I thought I might try to help someone add a few more bricks to their own wall and give what I can to some people who are still missing, yet so richly deserve, what I was mercifully given back after my crash.

So, with Book of Odds' blessing, I'm running a contest of my own - a hybrid, actually. "The prize?" you ask? Well, ironically, that same $50 iTunes gift card. How can you win it? Comment to this post. Your comment must contain the word "miracle" in at least one sentence and a bid for the iTunes card, with 100% of the bid going to Paralyzed Veterans of America. Comments/bids will close at MIDNIGHT on July 1, 2010. The iTunes card will go to the highest bidder as of 11:59:59 on June 30. In the event of a tie (not that people wouldn't gladly pay more than face value of the card, knowing that every penny of their cost was going to what I feel to be one of the most worthy of causes), I will choose a winner from amongst those placing the bids tied for highest, based on the inspirational value of their comment.

We all owe everything we take for granted in this country to veterans like my stepsons, brothers, sister, father, uncles, grandfather, and many other brave relatives, stretching back to the Revolutionary War. And I owe a lot of what I used to take for granted to God and the people of His who together worked a miracle in my life, delivering me from a life separated from my destiny - to be a pilot.

I can't think of any better way to honor all of them, except perhaps by getting a book I'm writing about my experience published someday. Any publishers or literary agents interested in a very different kind of memoir, please contact me for a full proposal.

So, what's your Freedom, the full use of your arms and legs, and a $50 iTunes gift card worth to you?


  1. Hi Nathan,

    I'll get this started with a low ball bid. I was taught that you're supposed to start bidding low, and it'll be a miracle if I win with this bid.


  2. Ok, I know people will think this is a scam, but if you go to my Facebook page, you'll see my friend, Jet Blue Captain Tony Yoder, has bid $100, but he's using a public computer and can't get his bid to post here. So I'm going to put this up as his proxy bid until he gets home.

    We're all friends here, and it's for a good cause, so I hope this isn't a problem for anyone!!/nathancarriker

  3. Oh, and I should also mention that, for tax purposes, I'm going to make the donation to PVA IN THE NAME OF THE WINNING BIDDER and send them the receipt along with the card, so THIS IS A BONA FIDE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation to a charity!

  4. Well, it's July 1, and Tony's the winner! Let me know where to send the card, Tony, and thanks!


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