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Saturday, January 2, 2010


I’ll buy that we all enter this world naked, but penniless? No. A lucky few will be never again be as cold, hungry, or alone as they are in those first moments. They live with every material need met in advance, and yes, many disgrace their family names in ways that seem to repeatedly prove the cliché, “money can’t buy happiness.” Truth be told, however, nothing can buy happiness.

Most unlike matter and energy (things that money can buy), the state of Happiness cannot be conserved; it can only be created - or destroyed. And one thing necessary to create it is the solitary immaterial thing distributed equally amongst everyone in this life: Time. Inasmuch as time is money, then money is also, most assuredly, time.

No one awakens to Today with any guarantee of Tomorrow. None of us gets more, or less, than twenty-four hours per day. Only within our precious, inaccumulable daily allowance of Time can we create Happiness. We do it by living how we wish to live; doing what we love to do, first and most. Wealth can buy us Time, which we need for Happiness - but first, we must love.

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